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A collection of passionate & growth-driven individuals with a sharing-first mentality to help each other achieve their personal and business goals.

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Business Gangstars

Business Gangstars is a Tribe of passionate & growth-driven entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, start-ups, digital nomads & more with a sharing-first mentality. You will meet our Tribe members in our different Chat Groups & more so at regularly organized events. Our family-like Community is here to support your growth in your professional & personal life!

Our  Inner Circle is where the magic happens. It is our vetted, invite or application-based international Circle that allows for the formation of lifelong, deep friendships and partnerships on a worldwide basis; all hosted in our #Slack Channel. 


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B.I.G Tribe Now

We believe a real community, needs not only well managed online groups, but many diverse events to establish deep human connections

That is why we have free regular events open for everyone, inspired by our members. We take the feedback and wishes seriously and always want to deliver new exciting events. (Brekky Mastermind, Self Defense Classes, Sunset Mastermind, Socials, Weekend Trips,….)

For our curated Inner Circle, we organize more Exclusive Events with unique experiences.


Tribe Members

Check out our new web app which allows you to find other members of the B.I.G Tribe. Search for their business, contacts, or just get to know them a bit better.

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B.I.G Events

Pitchathon V4

by Draper Start-up House and B.I.G Tribe

No. 1 Pitching Event in Canggu for

Angel Investors

Join us when 4 – 5 Start-Ups are pitching at Draper Start-Up House in a relaxed atmosphere.

Start: 17:30 – 20:00; Saturday 14th March 2020
Location: Draper Start-Up House; Canggu, Bali

B.I.G Tribe


Launch Event

Invite & Application-based only

Experience the Power of Being inside a curated Business & Life Community. 

Building the Community of our Dreams
“Putting titles & revenue aside, we want to surround ourselves with the most inspiring people”

Reach out to the founders for an invite or click the button below to apply.

Start:  Early March 2020
Location: TBA; Canggu, Bali


Why they are with Us

See what our Members, past Attendees and Experts have to say about the B.I.G Tribe

The big forum was amazing as a speaker and a participant. I left with so many new friends and connections in Canggu as well as amazing insight into my business. Looking forward to the next event!

Danielle Th.

The event was indeed one of a kind. Casual in style, yet proven able to bring business people who share the same value and interest together. I notice how the crowd beautifully formed themselves into smaller groups with similar interests. Well done.

Primy J.

What a fantastic event!
This is the first that I’ve seen the format work so well, due to the hard work to recruit & organize a great mix of people that really had a lot ot teach & learn from each other!

Maziar S.

Join Us

Why be part of the B.I.G Tribe?


People who are passionate about what they do and life in general.


Make connections both for personal or business related.


Enjoy many community events for networking, socializing, fitness and learning.


People who are driven to always learn and grow in their business and in life.


Find people to work with so together you can both achieve the best.


Surround yourself with the right community to help you grow, learn and succeed in life and business.

Want to bring B.I.G Tribe to your city?

Get in touch with us if you are interested in helping expand our community throughout cities worldwide. We are looking for passionate people who want to build a tribe of like-minded entrepreneurs & help organize events to learn, grow & network together.

B.I.G Experiences

We always ask our members what new experience we should try out for them, to keep us well entertained & fed.