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Even leaders need a Tribe. The Inner Circle is a curated group of peers in our community who meet and connect on a regular basis.

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B.I.G Tribe Inner Circle

Building the Community of our Dreams

“Putting titles & revenue aside, we want to surround ourselves with the most inspiring people.”

This sentence is really essential because we carefully select who we let in our Inner Circle. The harmony & right mindset of helping each other succeed is of the utmost importance to us.

“You are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with.”

The Inner Circle is the glue to keep these 5 people connected and accountable to each other.


is the Inner Circle?

The B.I.G Tribe Inner Circle is a vetted business and life community of individuals we feel are amazing. We curate our community so that as a member, you are surrounded by like-minded people.

We connect you not only online, but offline as well to help you forge relationships you didn’t even know you need. We create the family-like community you require professionally and personally.


is the Inner Circle for?

If you are a passionate and growth-driven entrepreneur or intrapreneur & are looking for the community to push you further than you ever thought possible.

We are a collective of individual trailblazers who push boundaries, are successful, but self-less beings (aka we help each other succeed in our personal and business life).


of becoming a member

B.I.G Inner Circle is not just another bunch of online chat groups; we take our community offline to meet regularly in all our locations worldwide. Our events are not just another ‘networking’ occasion, but a chance to truly connect through curated experiences with an added twist.

A few of the many perks to being a member of the Inner Circle are:

  • Maximum Value for Minimum Effort
  • Surrounded by like-minded & truly growth-driven individuals
  • Never get Pitched – All our events & groups have a “No Pitching Rule.”
  • Curated exclusive dinners with unique experiences
  • Personalized Peer Groups
  • 1 on 1 Introduction
  • Just a ton of fun

All of our events are strictly a ‘No Pitch Zone’. We don’t want those wasting time with self-serving agendas because we are a community focused on Integrity & Giving. 

Our members-only experiences are created to be more enjoyable, engaging, & intellectually stimulating both professionally & personally. We are curating connections & a community that will last a lifetime. 


to become a member?

Anyone can apply to become a member, but not everyone gets accepted into our B.I.G Inner Circle. Our Members Only Area is highly vetted & we check over each application to ensure that our members are only surrounded by the most aspiring people.

To become a member, you must first fill out the application and answer a series of questions. Please take note that we do not choose our members based solely on how successful their business is (though we do ask some details so we can get to know you better), but we choose based overall on how you are as a person & what you stand for. 

After we review your application, we will jump on a quick call. Be ready to answer a question like: 

  • What is your “Give” for our community?

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