Alex Falcon Huerta

Founder of Soaring Falcon

I run a digital accountancy firm. Almost 6 years with my team in the Philippines. Crazy journey but I love it and will never look back!

I set the business up to be fully cloud and paperless so I can travel and work anywhere in the world. Here I am.In Bali!

I launched my first book in October 2020, so Im a new author.

I speak at conferences about tech stack, usually for business owners but I also work with other accountants.

Im always pushing personal and business goals. Love business chat and strategy. But equally , enjoy chilled time with awesome people and fun times.

Elevator Pitch: I mainly help companies set up in the UK who want to launch their business and grow. You don’t need to go to a large firm and spend crazy amounts.

Focus is placed on tech before people. Automation over manual work. Developing efficiencies rather than learn long winded processes.

With over 50+ apps used in the business and with clients, we pretty much take over your finances and become your virtual FD

Cool clients to check out
Practice Ignition.
Wheely London

Baobab Circle
London Property Ventures

All scaled with zero accounting staff. But of course, that can’t last forever . Proud to be part of the journey and help you get there!

Specialist R&D Tax advisors to help you claim cash back from the UK Government. All the usual accountancy services /compliance (payroll, taxes, annual accounts and filing etc).


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