Alex Rahr

Founder of Future Kind

Hey B.I.G tribe. I’ve been an entrepreneur for the last 5 years and living as an expat/nomad for the majority of them.

I’m originally from Australia where I grew up surfing and watching my dad run his business. Although this was a big inspiration for my entrepreneurial journey, I originally went into working in corporate digital/seo advertising agencies.

I transitioned from this into working on (and later selling) an Amazon FBA business with 2 Aussie friends.

We have since taken the capital from the sale and are using it to grow our new eCommerce health supplements brand Future Kind.

Although I am not vegan, both my business partners are, which was the inspiration to start a company focusing on the vegan space and our mission of ending the use of animals in supplements.

Elevator Pitch: Future Kind is a health supplements company on a mission to end the use of animals in the supplements industry.

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