Alexandra Smyth

Managing Partner of Nomad Advisory Group

I grew up in the U.S. (Washington, D.C.), and I have lived in paradise for over 12 years (San Diego, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Fort Lauderdale, Florida). I love learning and growing in a variety of subjects, traveling the world, and expanding my network. I am outgoing, vibrant, energetic, positive, spontaneous, adventurous, and fun. I am committed, reliable, dedicated, driven, powerful, and dependable in my business and personal life. I am spiritual, healthy, and fit. I love meditating, boating, paddleboarding, swimming, weight lifting, yoga, running, snorkeling, freediving, spearfishing, deep sea fishing, hiking, flying planes, eating, and sleeping. I want to learn how to kiteboard and paddlesurf by the end of this year. I have big visions and goals, and I will succeed in everything I do and attract everything I want with my positive mindset and strong faith. I am a 32 year old woman who is emotional, passionate, and a Scorpio. I am always seeking meaningful connections with others in my business and personal life. I sincerely value all my relationships with my family, friends, team members, colleagues, and clients. I am always seeking ways to improve personally and professionally. I look forward to my bright future!

Elevator Pitch: I advise global citizens, borderless entrepreneurs, expats, and digital nomads on how to implement tax savings strategies in their businesses to keep more of their own money.

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