Benjamin Croft

Chairman - The WBECS Group

Currently exiting my 12 year old company. Now looking for fun projects and people to invest time and money into. Working on myself to be a better human – open to your ninja skills or recommendations of great people in the tribe who can help me become one :)

Elevator Pitch: I have a wealth of experience building digital events (my own event had 50,000 attendees this year) and I used to consult with the guarantee I will build the world’s largest event for your industry or you don’t pay me.

I have completed many multi-7 figure (usd) launches of my own programs. I love geeking out on marketing. I want to know more about tech and looking for someone who I can hire as a mentor or who I can invest into to introduce me to this world so I can begin investing and playing in it!

One of my biggest assets is my community of 300,000 executive and leadership professional coaches.

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