Bobby Adlington

Autotelic Arts

Artist, Writer and Branding Specialist. I swapped the art and music scenes of London for the ocean, jungle and volcanos of Bali. Nothing lights me up more than a pre-dawn paddle out under the moon and stars. Very grateful to have spent the last 4 years learning and growing in the hospitality of the Balinese people and sharing these experiences with the islands like minded guests 🤙🏼🙏🏼❤️

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Personal gift for the community?: Guiding you through a process where you can confidently reflect on and own the treasure chest of inspiration that exists beneath your business. So we can turn this into the rocket fuel that ignites you, your team and community.

Field of work: Branding, Logo Design, Strategy, Discovery, Identity, Logo, Design, Graphic Design, Meditation

Elevator Pitch: Founder and Creative Director of www.Autotelic.Art

Identity discovery, brand strategy and visual identity design specialists.

Our mission is to mindfully guide socially conscious entrepreneurs on a deep dive into their inspiration so they can take ownership of their unique identity and become leaders of positive change.

Does the idea of unpacking, organising and re-framing the way you understand and express your identity sound interesting to you?

Let’s talk about how I’ll build on this enriched foundation of identity understanding to create bespoke brand concepts and beautifully effective visual identities that are exactly what you wanted but couldn’t quite describe.

My vision is a healthy planet full of peaceful awareness, acceptance and faith in ourselves to keep growing.

Looking forward to getting to know you and doing some epic work together 😃

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