Chantal Biersma

Founder of Inner Balance Retreat | Inner Balance Travel

Studies: Tourism, Marketing & Communication Management, Theatre. I may call myself a certified Yoga-teacher, Mindfulness coach, NLP-practitioner and Aromatherapist. Indeed.. i did many different things ;) Recently: Workshop facilitator in voice dialogue, authentic relating, soul drama (acting classes).

My experience as a marketing manager for a renown clinic in plastic surgery made me realize I was mostly selling ‘toxic rubbish’ for a company that profits from insecure women who suffer from low self-esteem and self-doubt. Although surgical cosmetic treatments can provide valuable solutions after weight loss, post-pregnancy, burns, etc. it became clear to me that most clients/women need more self-love, self-acceptance and self-confidence instead of silicones. I believe, inner-beauty is way more important, worthy (and attractive) than appearance. This is how the idea arose to offer empowering online programs in self-acceptance for women who are struggling with a strong inner-critical narrative, self-judgement and perfectionism. I want to inspire and motivate women to accept their authentic selves after breast implant removal, and before they consider doing plastic surgery into a healthy body.

~ Easy going – fun – crazy in a good way ;)
~ Creative, Connector, Engaging
~ A stubborn head full of (to many) ideas
~ Sociable and talkable
~ Openminded and honest (or just very direct, i guess this is typical Dutch)
~ Imbovert: Outgoing/extroverted introvert

Always in for:
~ Deep conversations about spirituality and personal development
~ Learning new things, challenging myself
~ Being surrounded by nature and like-minded people
~ Exciting, sporty day-trips
~ Gooooood, nutricious food. Or ice-cream ;)

Fun fact: i used to have a company in ambient scenting concepts, creating unique and memorable events/experiences with scents for brands. Using the power of smell to create a specific mood or mindset. I consider myself a fragrance/perfume enthousiast.

Elevator Pitch: In the process of creating:

↠ Inner Balance Retreat
Pop-up retreats: the retreat experience into one day or even a few hours.
We bring a team of qualified wellbeing professionals, spanning holistic
therapies to yoga, mindfulness and creative therapies to create
pop up events to suit all budgets and communities.

↠ Inner Balance Travel
Create your own, personal self-love/self-care Bali retreat.
Mindfulness based self-development Packages – Tours – Coaching for
solo-soulsearchers looking for transformational inner-journeys in Bali.
Affordable packages, including accommodation and several different activities
(yoga, surf, healing, day-tours, workshops, etc) Clients can add more in without
any hassle. They choose the order and frequency of the activities, so you they
make this retreat their own.

↠ Inner Balance Academy
Online course & 1-on-1 coaching : powerful tools and techniques to silence self-
judgement, inner criticism and quiet the inner negative narrative.
For women who are struggling with self-judgement, insecurity and

One day i will hopefully create my own retreat-center.

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