Fabien Morin

Sales Director Lava Stone Design Agency

French guy installed in Bali since the beginning of January 2020, in love with this island since the avlir discovered in 1998, since that date I spent a month a year in Bali, the other 11 months of the year I worked in the world of ready-to-wear and sport, first in salesman positions then sales manager (nike, puma, Adidas, guess, Dirk bikkembergs, John Richmond …. ) and since 5 years I dreamed of leaving France to come and offer myself a new life here. I didn’t want to come as a tourist, I challenged myself on the fact that I could only leave France with a real professional project in Bali. A one year and a half ago I met by chance a French couple who immediately became friends and trusted people for me, luck doing things well they had just bought two years before a production plant of glazed lava stone, production had been their dna for over 40 years in africa but they quickly evoked their gray area in their business: they knew nothing about sales and development. And there, it is at this precise moment that my Guardian Angel tapped me on the shoulder, and to sum up two weeks later I was on the plane to Denpasar, I in two weeks sold to my ex associates in France my company shares (two multi-brand ready-to-wear and shoe showrooms in Paris as well as a boutique all created 10 years earlier) for the modest sum of symbolic € 1. I wanted to turn the page and not waste time in financial negotiations and I have no regrets so far. 

Elevator Pitch: Here I am since my arrival in Bali at 200% in the development of this agency, before my partners worked mainly on projects for individuals, villa renovations, kitchen plan, bathroom sinks, and I quickly discovered that this product so noble, durable and unique (around 15 companies in the world have mastered this know-how) deserved much more than a simple life in a kitchen or a bathroom. we therefore changed the whole strategy and the graphic charter, new so-called web, impulse on the social network and we focused on prospecting for interior designers, product designers and architects. We offer our glazed lava stone and its history and most of the time it appeals to the creativity of these prospects, our plus is that we hardly know any production constraints, and we have been on a good trend for six months. We receive projects from prestigious designers, and we try to meet each of their challenges. Now the latest achievements have been rack luggages for the 16 suites of the Shangria Shangai, we are currently finalizing a project via a Japanese design firm for the Marriott hotel chain, we are making coffee tables for them, but with more requirements than precise, a two-tone side combining a finish that is both mat and glossy, with more than precise color codes, a project worthy of the image of the Japanese, precise sober and complicated at the same time. And here we are for a short week on a new project for a luxury yacht dedicated to honeymoons, where the builder has chosen to take us as a partner in order to market a unique product, the first luxury yacht or the interior decoration will be sublimated thanks to our glazed lava stone and to be able to stand out from the competition by means of our product, he thus wishes to stand out from the lot of all these luxury yachts where until now Italian marble was master on board.

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