Frederick Eliezer Gaghauna

Omah Sinau Gesang, Sarangnusa, Kopid Bali

Call me Fred or Freddy. I started traveling young, 18yo and it’s not common for Indonesian. I was official government for at least 12 years and then work with Red Cross and some international NGOs, before then end up working in one of the national Indonesian Bank. I dislike comfort zone. Moved to LA last year and now Bali. I always call Bandung, West Java as home.

Elevator Pitch: I graduated from Indonesia Postal Academy and Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB). Monitoring, evaluation and learning is my main strenght. I involved in many national and internatioal projects from Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Africa and USA. Now, starting a hydroponic farm and very interesting in Permaculture and Natural building. I co-founder a village learning center in Lumajang, East Java.

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