Ian MacLeod

Nirvana Strength

Co-Founder and Head Coach of Nirvana Strength. 

A lifelong learner turned educator, Ian is passionate about supporting people achieve their physical and mental goals.  

At Nirvana Strength, Ian is redefining what health and wellness can look like, holistically.

Through mindful, performance-based mobility training with an emphasis on recovery and injury prevention, Ian is a master at supporting individuals to get their bodies to peak performance. With mindfulness and health at the core, his innovative approach also ensures that the mind is worked as much as the body. As such, Ian has proven success in creating adaptable and individualized plans for ultimate wellness.

As with all of his clients, Ian continues to challenge himself to expand his studies, his practice, and the various attributes that better equip him to prepare for the unknown challenges and obstacles that nature and life inevitably present.

Personal gift for the community?: To share my passion with others, helping to shift the health Continuum from a Medical to wellness paradigm

Elevator Pitch: Nirvana Strength is a premier performance training facility dedicated to ensuring optimal well-being through innovation. We are redefining health, wellness and fitness to empower holistic health optimization through growth, adaptation and sustainability.

Nirvana Strength focuses on pre-habilitation and rehabilitation with a performance mindset. We use movement, gymnastics, calisthenics and much more to ensure that your joints and body is prepared to take on your daily and/or performance tasks.

Bodyweight mastery, allows us to become more aware and in tune with our body and mind. Learn to develop mobility (strength through our range of motion) while becoming more aware of their adaptations.

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