Ichi Yamada

Co-Founder of Tropical Nomad, & five other businesses

Based in Bali for the last decade, Ichi is a Co-Founder of Tropical Nomad Coworking Space, who also co-owns and operates four other F&B outlets & a natural bodycare startup. Native of Tokyo, his career started as an systems engineer, worked in the IT industry for more than 10 years as infrastructure consultant & systems architect for global Fortune 500 companies & tech startups.

Country of Origin: Japan

Personal gift for the community?: Love

Field of work: Coworking, Community, Natural, Sustainable, Bodycare, Japan, Crowdfunding, Social, Platform, Connecting,

Elevator Pitch: My passion is to be a “super-connector” for like-minded entrepreneurs and professionals around the world, facilitating collaboration and innovation by connecting amazing people and forming an global online community. I’m also a big lover of specialty coffee and premium tea too. Let’s catch up over a cup of coffee or tea, anytime…!

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