Jason Williscroft

Founder of Tribify LLC

I am former U.S. Navy officer, trained in weapons and systems engineering, with a talent for software development and a deeply mathematical streak. I left the military 20 years ago, and have spent most of my time since then creating machines that help people make better decisions at scale.

I run a large and deeply-committed community of current and former U.S. military officers whose mission is to support their comrades-in-arms, mostly by doing business together. Achieving this level of commitment required finding the right people. The effort to do this at scale resulted in the creation of the Tribify Engine, described below.

If need to solve a hard problem at an industrial scale, let’s talk. Perhaps I can show it to you from a different angle.

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Elevator Pitch: The Tribify Engine is a cloud-based software machine that brings people together… exactly the RIGHT people, at industrial scale.

Whether you seek new members for your community, new attendees at your events, or new customers for your product or service, there is one lesson you have probably learned the hard way: it’s easy to create a list of people who match your customer persona. It’s MUCH harder to know which ones to spend your resources on… and then to spend those resources automatically, continuously, and at scale.

WHOM DO YOU SEEK? As input the Tribify Engine accepts multiple, highly nuanced customer personae. Iteration is a design feature: refining your targeting is easy enough to do it often, so you can zero in rapidly on your ideal customer and track him precisely as your needs change.

HOW CAN YOU HELP? The Tribify Engine sends personalized LinkedIn connection requests to your highest-priority prospects, featuring a call-to-action inviting each to engage immediately. Once connected, high-priority prospects receive regular communications to prompt deeper engagement. Prospects who engage strengthen your targeting in their direction.

THE RESULT: Dozens or hundreds of new LinkedIn connections and CTA follow-throughs EVERY WEEK… each one not only an excellent prospect for your offering, but also deeply connected to OTHER people who are ALSO excellent prospects for your offering! Integrate your prospect list with anything: CRM, email services, click funnels, anything at all. The Tribify Engine can drive almost ANY marketing machine.

HOW IT WORKS: The Tribify Engine depends on LinkedIn automation… in the same way that an airplane’s engine depends on fuel. LinkedIn automation delivers data into an enterprise-grade data warehousing and analysis system that enables the Tribify Engine to identify prospect attributes and connections that LinkedIn alone does not support. Who went to law school with whom? Who worked at the same small startup? Who has a similar skill set? Who has a strong network in Southeast Asia? This analysis drives prospect targeting, which in turn drives the automation to communicate with prospects and collect more data.

If the resulting list is not 100% gold, we adjust the targeting until it is. With the Tribify Engine, targeting is a practice, not a phase, and the goal is an expressively perfect understanding of your customer personae.

As a consequence, instead of spreading your efforts across everybody who matches the best search you can think of, you can focus your efforts on the top few who match the best search you can FIND… and are also deeply connected in interesting ways to others who ALSO match your search.

That’s the Tribify Engine in a nutshell. Find your tribe.


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