Jean-Francois Ruiz

Founder Of Académie du Développement Personnel (Online Education) & PowerOn (Mastermind Events)

I’m a french connector and catalyst. Entrepreneur since my 14 years old (selling computer to my school ;)). I’m also author of a best seller on Social Networking in 2011, a speaker (done my tedX), a business coach (with masterminds), a marketer (buying keyword on Google since 2003), a growth strategist & a visionnary.

I like to help people grow their business big times.

I’m also a Yoga Teacher and i’m on a mission to help 1M person to discover the benefits of Yoga and related topics.

Elevator Pitch: Serial Entrepreneur who have sold for more than 10M€ of Online & Physical Product in the French Market. A team of 30 remote people. Now entering foreign markets (EN / RU / BR / ES).

My Focus is on Personnel Development and Spirituality Online Products. I sell also physical products like Yoni Eggs and Oracle Card Deck (an original collection of 15 decks)

I’m searching right now for partners and distributors in foreign markets. People who have engaged lists of followers/emails that can be interested to monetize their audience with personnel development products.


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