Jennifer Moeller-Gulland

Independent Advisor in Water Risks and Economics

As Water Economist, I engage in a wide range of projects around water and food security – e.g. I am a advisor to the World Bank on a Water Governance Project in Vietnam; conduct economic analyses for UNDP’s GCF proposals; support 2030 WRG in prioritizing actionable solutions to water challenges; advise Vector Center (a water risk consultancy), modelled supply chain risks for multi-national companies as Manager at PwC, and regularly investigate on-the ground realities for photojournalism projects with Circle Blue.

I manage international projects, work in business development and related strategy design. Experienced in managing multi-stakeholder engagements, I build cooperation between stakeholders to successfully complete engagements and create a sustainable impact.

I’ve been based in Ubud for the last 3 years and love nature, outdoor activities (water related obviously ;)), travelling and photography. Living in Ubud, of course yoga and good food are also part of what I really enjoy. :)

Elevator Pitch: Have you ever wondered about how safe and reliable your water is? With water becoming scarer and more polluted, more and more people are asking this question. I conduct water security assessments on cities/ regions and countries for inter-governmental institutions, governments and multinational companies. To find actionable solutions, I don’t only crunch the numbers, but engage with stakeholders to really understand the root cause of the challenges.

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