Justine Lefebvre

Managing Partner at Thread Design

I knew from a young age I was drawn to creative. Finding out what to make out of it was … well … the harder part.

Luckily enough, thanks to a few key encounters and experiences on my journey, I figured out soon enough that my skills could be helpful to those who want to make a living out of their talent for design, as well as organizations in need of good creative. And that I could myself be creative doing so, too.

My focus is to set up our operations in a way that support our talents to build the career they want around what animated them and to develop themselves in the most productive way, at work and on the individual level. Nothing tops up seeing people growth into the roles that fit them.

Then, with our team, I make sure that we set up the best working environment to solve our clients’ branding challenges, from scoping and setting up solutions all the way to production. Providing value to our clients is our reason to be and what we take pride in, from global companies such as ALDI, Volvo, Google, Mercedes me or HSBC to local SME’s and passionate entrepreneurs like ourselves.

While branding and design is at our core, putting together full marketing solutions is key to our clients’ success. While collaborating tightly with our partners, from PR to digital and production, I enjoy building knowledge about every aspect of the creative industry.

And when this is all up and running smoothly…
I get to go and enjoy some of my other passions: exploring the bottom of the seas, developing a peculiar interest for textile traditional crafting, or discovering new aspects of eco-living.

Elevator Pitch: THREAD DESIGN is a full service branding agency originally based in Shanghai, China and curious about the opening to new markets such as Indonesia which partners are from Belgium and the UK.

We are focused on brand strategy and creating brand experiences, these two things underpin everything we do. We love working in food and beverage, hospitality wellness and education, though our skills have been applied to many industries. Stemming from our roots in visual identity, we cover all corners of design and communications, from digital to packaging, interior to social. We use human insight to achieve results for brands that are looking to define and communicate their real value to the right people.

Our strategic framework allows us to work together holistically from research & insight through to creative strategy. Alternatively, we can help refine and strengthen the individual aspects of your current strategy through the use of targeted workshops and industry specific products.
• Research & Analytics
• Brand Mapping
• Brand Purpose & Value Propositions
• Brand Architecture
• Brand Positioning
• Brand Activation
• Naming
• User Experience

With our clients as key members of the project team, our collaborative approach utilizes fast iteration and prototyping to create highly immersive brand experiences. We help articulate your brand to the right people through a range of products:
• Brand Identity & Design
• Brand Naming
• Packaging Design
• Environmental Design
• Digital Design
• Social/Wechat
• Campaign monitor and analytics
• Technical Development
A Perfectly Knitted Together Brand Experience that lasts and lasts…
Keen to catch up for a coffee and chat about your brand? Get in touch. (PS: coconuts and Bintangs also ok)

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