Justyna Jastrzebska

Founder of Justyna Jastrzebska

An entrepreneur at heart. Creativity is my passion. Founder of digital advertising agency Rascals Depot & Justyna Jastrzebska.

Bali based, 13 years living in South East Asia. Ex Mindvalley Senior Partner.
Run 20 accelerator programs for 500 Startups internationally.

When startups are looking for growth they knock to my door. Using the Silicon Valley playbook and 13 years of experience I helped over 600 startups around the world accelerate company growth by building a scalable and repeatable marketing function through a systematic approach to thinking, problem-solving, and acting on growth initiatives.

Elevator Pitch: I help companies who:

* Are searching for high-level & actionable digital strategies and frameworks
* Are post seed stage startup is transition, or has recently transitioned into the growth stage. Raining funds from Seed Round to Series A Round.
* Their goals include higher profits, market share, conversions and customer retention
* Launching info products: PLF strategy + Business Automation


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