Kevin Fornier

Coach for disruptive leaders

My story goes back a long way because, throughout my life, I’ve learned differently; I’ve thought otherwise.

From elementary to college, I used to excel without much effort. I have a track record of getting “straight A’s” in everything I did, even being ahead of classes of my college Master’s degree. Meanwhile, I was a lonely guy, not having many friends. I suffered from being bullied and rejected at school, especially by males.

I worked as the Human Resources Manager of the head office of a multi-billion-dollar corporation. I also served as an HRM in multiple industries, such as building construction materials and services, recruitment firms, aeronautic and aerospatial, etc. I was known for making people empower their superpower by building trust and speaking to their souls.

But I wasn’t fulfilled. I didn’t feel like belonging to the conventional “9-5” life and believed that there is more to life than what we’ve been told. After fighting two depressions and a weed addiction, I decided to challenge my fears, empower myself, and go out of my comfort zone.

In 2016, I left my job, bought a backpack, and a plane ticket to Bali. I spent 1+ years traveling South-East Asia with no return ticket and no itinerary in mind.

I co-lived with a tribe that lives with its dead and visited sea nomads in the middle of the ocean. I trekked for 3 weeks in Himalaya during winter to reach a point higher than the 1st Everest base camp. I slept on the floor in Manilla’s suburbs while visiting my family-in-law. I volunteered in Laos, teaching English to kids. I made a meditation retreat in a Thai Buddhist Monastery. Those are a few examples of the things I did during my journey around the world.

Meanwhile, I realized that living life from the “outside-in” couldn’t bring me fulfillment: the appearance of a world traveler’s life didn’t make me happier than the one of a young corporate leader. I started to create my world from the inside-out by using my mind’s power and the universe’s natural laws. That is when everything shifted.

Now, I’m an extraordinary coach, thanks to my life experience and my professional retraining.

I help today’s best disruptive leaders to create their next bolder success in less time and with fewer efforts than they’ve ever given.

Elevator Pitch: Even if they make a real difference in the world through their business, and got it all (profit, success, purpose, fame, and so on), my clients still have their struggles. It doesn’t matter the acknowledgment they got from the world: they do well at doubting and questioning themselves.

They often have a voice in their head telling, “You can do it! What are you waiting for?!” and underneath it, the hidden secret that drives their answer is, “I’m an imposter! Who do I think I am to do that? And what if I fail?”

One of the reasons is because it’s so challenging for them to put at risk the success they’ve had until today to create the ones they want for their future. Maybe they had nothing to lose when they started their entrepreneurial journey, but it’s not the case anymore.

They are out of the box, smart and brilliant in what they do; They are heart-driven visionaries and life-long learners. But there is a dark side to each of these straits.

While people admire their ability for efficient moves, they have that inner feeling of being lazy and not committed to hard work. Their intellect is also what stops them from really thriving.

By being constantly stimulated by new ideas to uplift people and the world, it can be difficult for them to focus and stick to a decision.

And by always looking for ways to improve themselves, they somehow feel like they are never ready.

Although they got it all now, they haven’t felt quite enough in chasing achievements over achievements.

That’s why they are ready for a breakthrough in performance and fulfillment. I help them to create their next bolder success in less time and with fewer efforts than they’ve ever given.


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