Lana Mars

Co-founder, Head of Marketing KMA Tech

Digital nomad and entrepreneur, lived and worked in 5 countries last 4 years. I create value, connecting people, ideas and future.
Digital strategist. Agile evangelist. Founder of several startups.

13 years of experience in management teams in digital, IT, business events, startups.

As an entrepreneur, I ran own digital marketing studio, developed online media for travel industry and organized international business-event for top-marketers.

Skilled in Digital Marketing, Business Development, Strategy, Project Management and Startups launching.

With a huge passion for solo travelling, spirituality, hiking and trekking, I believe that in the future we’ll live as digital nomads at some of nearest planets. Maybe, that’s why friends call me “the girl from Mars”.

I like ambitious projects with challenges. Once walked on foot 860 km from Portugal to Spain to test own startup idea.

Lived and worked in Ukraine, Poland, Kazakhstan, Portugal, Mexico, UAE, KSA, Indonesia.

I’m full of life and took part in revolution and reforms in my home country – Ukraine, organized social initiatives and was a keynote speaker at conferences as well as a, – business-trainer for corporate clients, and a mentor at acceleration program.

In October 2019 organized a charity initiative for my Birthday to fundraise money for food for Balinese vulnerable people.

Currently I’m working on the launching of the next Unicorn – App, where all food places in your hand.

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