Liv Montmerle

"Transformation officer @ Ethereum Foundation Working on a start-up in zero waste / circular economy for FMCG"

I’m French and Danish, 35 years old, I love traveling (+40 countries already!). My favorite things in life are spending time in nature, surfing, and doing yoga (I’m even a certified tantric hatha yoga instructor!). I moved to Bali 1.5 years ago because the island resonates with everything I’m passionate about.

I graduated from a French business school and started my career as a strategy consultant before spending almost 10 years in Digital; starting with post-IPO development of e-commerce platform Groupon, and later joining Google where I spent over 6 years driving digital transformation in the Auto sector across Sales & Marketing, AI/ML & Cloud and Connected Vehicles.

I’m now operating Ethereum Foundation’s organizational transformation, and working on a start-up project in circular economy / zero waste. A topic I find super urgent and interesting !

I love international teams and organizations, I speak four languages and have worked in 6 different countries.

Elevator Pitch: My business partner and I are working on a zero waste ‘intelligent dispenser’ project aiming at reducing plastic consumption in the personal and home care sectors. We aim at building a win win win model leveraging new technologies to show that sustainability can be profitable and convenient. We want to partner with big FMCG groups/brands in Indonesia, as it’s the #2 biggest ocean waste contributor in the world.

We’re still at the seed stage and would love to meet up and discuss with anybody who shares our vision that sustainability is a priority, and who wants to bring solutions rather than point fingers.

I’m really happy to be a part of Big Tribe to meet new faces and collaborate on all kinds of topics !

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