Magda Kwiatkowska

Magda Kay

I’m an international Intimacy Expert, Tantra Teacher and a Relationship Coach for Men & Women. In my work I combine ancient teachings of sacred sexuality, yoga and energy work, together with social psychology and human behavior. My mission is to help normalize the conversation about intimacy and sexuality through introducing Tantra in the West and translating Tantric philosophy and practices into the modern world and modern needs.

Elevator Pitch: We all want more intimacy in life, yet we were never taught how to have healthy relationships, how to love and how to relate. We are starving for true deep connection, yet we have no tools to experience it. People have been separated from their sexuality which is really the essence of who we are. Healing our sexuality is not about great sex only, it’s about feeling more alive, more connected and every experience being more juicy and delightful.

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