Marjet (Jet) van Wijk

Setters Group

Jet is a former travel blogger / influencer & now founded a community to help people make an online income without having followers. Her biggest passion is her apprenticeship program, where she offers resources and support to people in third world countries that are interested in the online world. The apprentices also get opportunities to work in her digital marketing agency after completion of the program. She is currently also writing a book about neuroscience, social influence and the influencer industry. Setters Group is the main umbrella for the several concepts that Jet created.

Elevator Pitch: When you are educated, you have power. Empower yourself to create the life you always wanted. The online world offers many opportunities nowadays, which the ordinary education system can’t keep up with. Everyone should have the opportunity to make an income for themselves online, as the online world is the future.

The Setters Group apprenticeship program provides real world experience for people that are in underprivileged countries. We help them to acquire online skills so that they can also work from their laptops and create a better life for themselves.

The community offers a knowledge based platform with hundreds of video’s from Augmented Reality Development to Digital Marketing, Trading and more. Setters Group supports you along your online journey whether this might be to become your own boss or simply acquire skills to work as a freelancer. We show you all the ways to work online and live abroad without the need of having a social presence or following.

We constantly create opportunities for everyone; The hardworking apprentices and community members get the chance to work in our digital marketing agency or augmented reality development team.

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