Matteo Larghi

Founder & Manager at Matcha Cafe Bali

I am Italian born, originally from Milan where I worked as a graphic and website designer. My dream was always to see the world and I eventually found myself living and working in Australia. From there and later in Zurich Switzerland I became and executive Leader with in-depth international experience providing high-level creative direction, UX/UI solutions, communications, brand strategies, and business development. During a sabbatical in 2016 I ended up in Bali where I eventually moved, turned my life upside down and opened Matcha Cafe Bali.

Elevator Pitch: We’ve been busy serving customers just like you since 2017. People looking for healthy, nutritious food and drinks along with plenty of dishes with all the extra-special benefits of Japanese Matcha. We’re about good-vibes, serving amazing healthy, seasonal food and obviously, the best Matcha you can find in Bali!

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