Matthieu Chauveau


Entrepreneur, I moved back to Bali beginning of this year to be close to the ocean and surf every day. Early riser, I enjoy building and running businesses, connect with people, learn new stuff and continuously grow and develop myself. Never against a good party and a dancing night as well ;)

Country of Origin: France

Personal gift for the community?: Personal level: surf, guitar, experiencing living in different countries, doing different jobs, Knowledge & skills: business and management. I worked in audit, project management, managed hotels. Just finished my MBA as well, happy to share any helpful resources.

Field of work: Jewellery, fashion sustainable, ethical, hospitality, hotel, management, audit, finance, analyst, founder, Director, real estate, investment, development.

Elevator Pitch: I launched Scéona last year, a sustainable fine jewellery brand aiming to offer an alternative to traditional jewellery: more respectful of the environment & the people. We believe in using business as a force for good. I am also in the process of launching a company in Bali, specialised in Real estate & hospitality consulting. Busy days :)

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