Mazi Sadri

Product lead @ Unification, Managing Director @ mediarally

Consumer & Enterprise Technology Consultant with 20+ years experience in developing & growing businesses from startup to large scale initiatives.

Elevator Pitch: Leading marketing for the 140 million-user communication product growth & deployment at Yahoo! in the 2000’s including the launch of the first ever messaging app on iOS,

Launching SkyBuilder, a no-code App building platform for SMB’s with 80million native downloads

Leading Product At Unification, hybrid public/private blockchain ecosystem designed enterprises & governments

Developing the business & product for Coworker Global Pass, with integration across  2,000+ coworking spaces across 100+ countries

Specialties include Product Management, Product Marketing, Market Segmentation, Quantitative & Qualitative Research, Strategic Planning & Execution, Customer Relationship Management, Project Management, Presentation & Communication, Media Planning & Campaign Management. 

With specialities in Strategic & technical Development, to Product & Acquisition Marketing, Mazi is key to evaluating & bringing life/scale to new ventures & optimising existing businesses. 

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