Michel Van de Logt

Happiness Lifestyle Academy

I moved to Bali in 2016 where I met my partner Diane Hopkins and got married in 2018. Currently travelling between my home country The Netherlands, Bali (Ubud) en West Australia (where my partner comes from). I am the host for the BIG Tribe Podcast and the live interviews in our Facebook community.

Country of Origin: Netherlands

Personal gift for the community?: My experience and network for anyone who wants to organize an transformational retreat experience in Bali.

Field of work: Networking, Event organizing, Retreats, Yoga and Diving, BIG Netherlands, Career coaching

Elevator Pitch: As a career development coach I help people make the transition from feeling stuck in a job to a location independent business so they have a life that’s giving more fulfillment, joy and happiness by doing what they love and are passionate about. 

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