Natalia Ignatyeva

Real Estate Investor | Online Course Creator/Producer

My name is Natalia! I am a Russian/US citizen and for the last 12 years lived in US (Miami, Chicago, LA). I came to Bali in December 2019, immediately fell in love with this beautiful island and want to stay as much as my life will let me.

My strong skills are problem solving, networking, critical thinking, taking action, organizing and many more.

My current personal interests are yoga, breath-work, and connecting interesting people with each other.

My personal experiences include Vipassana, Sadhguru training, Burning Man, Tony Robbins seminars and many more.

Let’s connect and help each other make an impact on other people while making our millions.

Elevator Pitch: Real estate investment is my current source of income.

Last year I launched my own online info course and am currently promoting it to the US market. I prefer project management to content creation, and would consider partnering with a subject matter expert in order to promote an information product.

I am passionate about systems, checklists, and procedures: everything that makes a process run like clockwork.

Let’s connect and exchange our stories and skills!

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