Nikola Klipa

Software engineer at Defisaver

From a young age, I was passionate about soccer and programming, thanks to an ACL injury my focus was on programming which allowed me to get a college scholarship as a winner of multiple medals in a national programming competition in Serbia during high school.

Learned about crypto during 2016 and became a huge fan, in 2017 I joined a startup with the main focus on developing dApps (decentralized apps on Ethereum).

Besides that, I’m a first aid instructor and above average pool player :)

Elevator Pitch: Defisaver is a one-stop management solution for decentralized finance protocols. Our app helps people manage their trading positions on Ethereum in a more efficient way and we also have automated trading which protects users from losing funds and helps them increase profits. All of that is done in such a way that users still keeps full custody over their assets.

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