Nils Wagner

Founder & CEO of Paprcuts, Badaga, Task Force Online, WWWWA

I‘m Nils from Germany. Surf, Tennis, Futsal, Work, Eat and so on. Just got to Bali in Jan 2021 and starting to settle a bit while at home everyone is a bit jealous.

Here are my Big Five for Life.. (do you know this book? Read it! It’s got some great insights.):

Big Five For My Life: Positive SCARS
S #1 Surf my brains out at all beautiful spots of our planet.
C #2 Always create sth new with smart & fantastic people.
A #3 Ascend and learn every day. Don’t waste your days and time.
R #4 Receive & give excitement, positivity, happiness and transparent honesty.
S #5 With the above mentioned do everything in a sustainable way.

Further more my purpose for existence should be to live my ideas & ideals and do what I want without paying attention to people blocking me because they can’t / won’t see what I see.

Elevator Pitch: I‘m the head of 2 ecom brands called Paprcuts and also Badaga.
Our core market is Germany / Europe. We are experts on Performance Marketing and scaling within a positive cashflow and not burning cash. Always ROAS positive.

With this expertise and bad Covid performance last year we started an agency model where we are focussing on scaling small to medium sized ecom businesses on a very profitable level. Mainly by facebook/Insta, Google, Pinterest, Criteo while optimizing the business model with all clients on different levels like supply chain, social media organic, customer & return management, .. you get the point.
Find it here:

Also we started a fashion brand in Covid times which will launch soon and be revealed by April 2021.

I‘m here to inspire and get inspired and can‘t wait to meet some of you in person.
I‘m a super positive person, grateful to be here and happy to exchange all I know about this life against all of your ideas.

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