Oleg Korshunoff

Purpose Academy

  • Chanaged over 24 jobs and businesses in search of my purpose
  • Travelled 3 continents
  • Been homeless and slept on the bus station
  • 4 times almost dead
  • Been monk and lived in Indian ashrams
  • Wrote a book
  • Wrote a poetry album
  • Became vegetarian at the age of
  • Coached & trained 4000+ people from 16 countries on punding purpose and building inspiring lifestyle

Elevator Pitch: ⚡My mission & purpose:
-Helping individuals / organisations / countries to find their own purpose and mission
-More on that: www.olegkorshunoff.com

🙏I coach people / organisations on:
-Finding personal / business purpose & mission
-Building strategy for inspiring lifestyle
-Creating of online schools

👉My projects & activities:

💎Purpose Academy:
-Online courses, retreats
-Workshops, conferences, coaching

🏔️”World Changers” village:
-Co-living & co-working in Bali mountains
-Conscious entrepreneurs community
-Events / retreats / workshops

📢”World changers” conference:
-Gathering of purpose driven
entrepreneurs and world changers

❤️I’m also in love with:
-Deep human connections
-Bhakti yoga / mantra singing / meditation
-Extatic / contact impro dance
-Mountains & ocean

Social Links: