Stacey Camacho

Stacey Ann Camacho/Psychotherapist

I want to invest my time and talents into a mindful, hardworking, community in which I can give back and also have fun in and grow. A little
About me :) I was born and raised in the Caribbean/Trinidad and Tobago specifically and educated in the US, and well travelled so in terms of culture I have a lot to offer a group as I grew up on a communal society and rare culture that not many have been exposed too :) I also have Many gifts/talents I open heatedly want to share besides my humor, heart, and fun side ! I also want to share my skills and knowledge as a psychotherapist, yoga teacher, Mindfulness mediation coach, and co founder of 2 NGOs! And want to learn so much from all of you! And support you all in any way I can!

Elevator Pitch: I am here to help people develop a sustainable understanding and relationship to their minds, body and soul! And To advocate for those who don’t have access or able to do this type of work ! To help free people from unnecessary suffering! And continue to work on my own shadows !


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