Suncica (Sun) Zdunic

Strategy consultant / Mom postpartum coach

I am a dancer, yoga student, writer, strategy management consultant, certified trader and a mom. I moved to Bali recently, transiting from system & strucure (corporate) to freedom and creativity (entrepreneur).

I graduated in masters degree from university in Berlin and have spend last 8 years in corporates. I used to work for a european bank in real estate development, business restructuring and trading (money market, fx, fixed income). Last 2 years I have spend in one of the Big Three management consultancies as a strategy consultant, mostly for consumer & energy companies. After becoming a mom, I came to Bali.

Now I am setting up online platform for coaching moms during postpartum and beyond, based on psychology, yoga, ayurveda, vipassana and my own personal experience and energetics.

Elevator Pitch: I support women in transformation through motherhood. Themes include:
*Re-defining balance and re-building integrity
*Overcoming transgenerational conditioning
*Conscious manifestation
*Tools for hacking the ego
*Holding energetical space for optimal baby development
*Non-violent communication

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