Tarek Kholoussy

Founder, Nomads Skillshare! & Nomads Giving Back!

Tarek is a social entrepreneur with an MBA with honors from New York University and a career of working at top organizations like Goldman Sachs.  In 2013, Tarek left the corporate world behind in an effort to explore the actual world. After traveling to over 100 countries, running 25 marathons and supporting social causes, Tarek launched Nomads Giving Back! with the vision to inspire you to give back to the communities you call home away from home. Tarek and his team are now launching a new initiative called Nomads Skillshare!, empowering you to learn the skills to live the life you imagined!

Elevator Pitch: We are a community of nomads, remote workers and global citizens who empower you to learn the skills to live the life you imagined! Through in-person and virtual skillshares, courses, events & connections, you’ll gain the skills you desire by leveraging the power of our inspiring community.

Brought to you by our team at Nomads Giving Back! Inspire yourself, inspire the world!


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