Thomas Weidlich

Founder of the Blue Ocean Business Club

I combine professionality with juicy playfulness, which leads to people feeling taken seriously, and being able to open up with their individual personality.

Community is key to me. I love waking up and dancing with my friends like idiots first thing in the morning, then rock our projects together and enjoy the whole day with everything we do.

I enjoy giving my full presence to you, learning to see the world through your eyes and figure out together how we can elevate everything around you through your individual power.

In a business context, people come to me to a) find the right people for all kinds of needs, b) receive consulting in business strategy c) need sales processes to be designed beautifully d) challenge themselves in their approach.

I am a master chef. I can do bananas. And apples. I can also mix them. hmmm.. yummy…

What’s your favorite recipe?

Let’s eat!

Elevator Pitch: The Blue Ocean Business Club is a home for passionate innovators with the collective ambition to co-create a bright future.

We host fun and inspiring events and understand how to mix business with pleasure.

We run an individual-based approach, going deep into each person and help them learn about their challenges & opportunities from within, to grow beyond their own imagination, in business and personally.

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