Tony Xiao

CEO of Alka Inc

I’m Tony Xiao. I was born in China, and am a Canadian living in the US, and now in Indonesia. I’m currently building Alka, a company that creates accounting software so that individuals can manage their personal finances with the same rigor that companies manage business finance. Though I never would have expected to end up being a glorified accountant, here I am building accounting software!

Elevator Pitch: Alka is the most productive way to manage money. Financial clarity is even more important during uncertain times. We’ve created the perfect tool for those who expect more clarity in less time.

Alka combines the simple workflow of email with the rigor of an accounting system. Take full control of categorization and trust that Alka will scale with you no matter how complex your life gets. Multi-edit, copy-paste – just type without annoying prompts and dialogs to slow you down. Alka sanity checks your data and always keeps a copy of the original so there’s no need to fear mistakes. You can never be sure of what the future will bring but thanks to Alka forecasts you can model scenarios and be the woman (or man) who always has a plan.

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