Trev Chee

SlamJam Productions, Makalele Dome Villas

I’ve been living in Bali for the past eleven years. I own & operate a film production company as well as a boutique artist resort in Lombok.

I love to spend time in nature, freedive, spearfish, socialize & party. I have a large network of contacts in Indonesia, not just Bali, in the Hospitality, Tourism and Entertainment sectors. I’m happy to contribute as much as I can to this community.

Country of Origin: Canada

Personal gift for the community?: A large network of contacts and experience after 11 years of living in Bali. Media production advice, real estate advice, tourism advice, living life to the fullest advice

Field of work: Consultant, Real estate, Villa, land, rentals, building, hotel, resort, realestate, production, film, film production, commercial, advertising, video, videos, videography, videographer, photographer, video production

Elevator Pitch: I’ve created my lifestyle based off living my passions and turning them into businesses. I’m currently working on activating my artist resort and connecting with the right people who have the forsight to join with me in this vision.

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