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The B.I.G Tribe Podcast interviews people from all walks of life to showcase everything from their fears & sacrifices to their journeys to success.

Please tune in to hear inspiring trailblazers who pushed the boundaries to creates breakthroughs in their personal & professional life.

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#16 Rachel Clissold| Empowerment Through Conscious Choice

Rachel is a bold woman who constantly pushes the limits of her own boundaries.

A solo world traveller over the last 10 years, Rachel has learnt through direct experience to communicate vulnerably, lean into the discomfort of fear, follow the innate guidance within and step into her leadership. With a 20 year career spanning the globe, 17 of which were in the corporate world as an Executive Assistant and Project Manager for companies such as; PricewaterhouseCoopers (UK), Deloitte, Macquarie Bank, Telstra and Novartis. Rachel has created events with up to 500 people around Australia, United Kingdom, Bali & [an island in] Costa Rica. With the transition out of the corporate world in 2017, a new direction was born; the merging of all Rachels skills, talents and passion to support Visionary Leaders to overcome fear, breakthrough limitations and bring their epic vision to life. If you’re ready for rapid transformation and to step into your leadership, Rachel is the woman to work with. Rachel is an acclaimed Reiki Master, Qualified practitioner in NLP, EFT, Hypnosis & Past Life Regression.

You can find more about Rachel and connect with her on www.rachelclissold.business.site

#15 Travis Fox | Architect of BEing

Since 1991, Travis Fox, The Architect of Being™ has been the CEO for Travis Fox, Inc., now Bigger Than Us, LLC armed with degrees in both Psychology and Clinical Hypnotherapy. Travis is responsible for creating, managing and marketing products, services and corporate workshops generated by the company.

For the last 25 years, Travis has been training and teaching his proprietary methodology Architecting sales, marketing, communication, branding and corporate cultures for both private and public corporations. Utilizing his skills for personality profiling, effective listening, focused concentration and rapport building, Travis’ method has effectively helped improve corporations, entrepreneurs, and product messaging, guiding them to the heart of their message.

In addition to his television shows (for which he won an Emmy award), and his work with the mind, Travis is Also a full-fledged entertainer. He has performed his own personal brand of entertainment in over 6,500 performances worldwide over the past 25 years. In his past, he was a professional golf player and is now coach to many professional players

He advocates challenging your negative beliefs and rewiring your thought patterns, so they work for you, not against you. This way you can build a foundation for long-term happiness.

#14 Nico Verresen | Perform With Pleasure

Nico is a former elite-level athlete having undergone world-class training. He is a 5 time Belgian /European champion Muay Thai and Vice World champion. With his top-level sporting career combined with extensive educational studies of the mind, he is helping people break through the invisible glass ceiling that’s hanging over their potential. His approach to this is highly effective and unique.

Nico has helped everyone from World Champions, CEOs, Celebrities and Professional Coaches breakthrough their limits and unlock their fullest potential as leaders in their fields, in their personal relationships and in their own pleasure.

In this episode Michel van de Logt is talking with Nico about his techniques and the importance of a healthy mind and body. Nico gives his take on what is needed to become successful in life and takes Michel through his personal guided meditation.

Please enjoy this episode!

For more information about Nico visit his website: www.performwithpleasure.com

#13 Robert Ian Bonnick | Soul Survivor - How An Abandoned Child Went From Nothing To Everything.

Robert has been able to face life’s challenges. Growing up in two orphanages in London six months to the age of eighteen. He chose to step into his potential as a human being. He played basketball for his country, worked with #Madonna and the #Supermodels #NaomiCampbell, #LindaEvangelista and #EvaHerzigová.

Robert also co-ran a business voted number 3 in the world, became an #inspirationalspeaker and #coach. Most recently he’s has a family of his own and is creating communities and platforms for people to share their story and published a Book. He just launched his own story, tipped to become a bestseller, called #soulsurvivorbook – How An Abandoned Child Went From Nothing To Everything. Michel van de Logt talks with Robert about his book and how he transitioned from one career into the next one. He will explain more about the struggles people face when they want to share their story to make an impact and gives tips and tricks about how to overcome these struggles. Robert is an active member of our BIG community with regular events you can follow on Facebook.

He is a motivational speaker and knows how to get you inspired and motivated in chasing those impossible dreams. Please enjoy this episode. More information about

Robert can be found: www.robertianbonnick.com If you are interested in learning more about his book course: www.facebook.com/groups/2284701448492251/

#12 Meagan Fettes | Holistic Entrepreneurship – Founder Of RISE Entrepreneur Center

Meagan is known for teaching world-wide tools that Entrepreneurs can use to access greater abundance and success in their lives.

She breaks down the science and fundamentals of our mind, holding patterns and vibrational shifts to support people in stepping into a higher potential and live with more fulfilling relationships and business life. She is the founder of RISE Entrepreneur Center, supporting holistic entrepreneurs around the world build the foundation tools in business using the application of the 12 universal laws. In this podcast, Michel van de Logt talks with Meagan about the combination of two ancient pearls of wisdom: Yoga and the Law of Attraction and how you can combine these in modern entrepreneurship.

Currently living in Alberta with her two young boys and husband, Meagan is currently expanding her business as an international best-selling author and offering the R.I.S.E Business School as a scholarship program- for every Entrepreneur who invests in their Business Success, a scholarship is awarded to an individual on the road to recovery and stepping into a life of purpose and passion! For more information about Meagan go to: www.meaganfettes.com

To watch the movie How Thoughts Become Things film go to: www.howthoughtsbecomethings.com

#11 Marina Bruni | The power of choice - activate right-brain left-brain integration strategies so you make the right choice.

Michel van de Logt talks with Dr Marina Bruni, aka The Global Brain Activation Strategist. She is a mentor, lawyer, business consultant and international speaker who specialises in brain integration strategies. She gives her clients the keys to unlock creative solutions to the problems they’re facing.

She is well-known for helping businesses identify additional revenue streams within their existing business through strategic relationships and delegation.

As a dual-qualified lawyer with over two decades of experience in the financial services industry, Dr Marina has seen the destructive consequences of poor choices. She is on a mission to empower men and women to use her proven method to make the right choice with ease— consistently.

With the mindset of a lawyer and the skill-set of a coach, Dr Marina fast-tracks her private and corporate clients through shifts using innovative and proprietary methods from her Power of Choice: Brain Activation Mastery Programme.

Dr Marina is a Master of Neuro-Linguistic and Energy; speaks 4 languages; loves dark chocolate and travelling the globe.

• Contact details: marina@marinabruni.com

• Website: www.marinabruni.com

#10 Douglas Vermeeren | How Thoughts become things

In this episode, Michel van de Logt interviews Douglas Vermeeren, producer of the sequel to The Secret (2006). In the movie How Thoughts become things, the thought leaders from the original will explain how the Law of Attraction affects us all in daily life.

Douglas Vermeeren will explain why they thought they needed a sequel, what you can expect and why this movie is going to have a positive impact on peoples lives. 

#09 Klementina Dukoska | Take responsibility for self and humanity's future – now is the time

In this episode, Michel van de Logt is talking with Klementina Dukoska. She is driven by her vision for all humans to thrive and live in symbiosis with nature.

It’s the first time we see all humanity, all around the globe facing the same challenge. We’re physically distanced, yet we’re more connected than ever. Most of us have led such a fast life, that we did not even believe we could stop and take our own time, to reflect, connect, to rise into the person we want to be.

In this episode, she will explain the vision of the nonprofit newworldtogether.  New World Together is on a mission to demystify our biggest world problems complexity and empower you with the knowledge and tools that can drive humanity forward and build a sustainable future.

For this, Klementina is building a regenerative humanity community called Thriving Together through COVID. 

If you want to learn more about how Klementina is changing the world and you would like to know how to help than consider becoming a Thriving Together Campaign Leader! Send an email on info@newworldtogether.com with your name, WhatsApp number and a few lines on your ‘why’?”

For more info on Klementina’s other businesses, you can go to www.epichumanscollective.com

#08 Maneesh Sethi from Pavlok | Change Your Habits, change your Life

Maneesh Sethi created Pavlok and went on Shark Tank USA a few years ago. Change Your Habits and Life with Pavlok is the slogan and boy this thing can make you remember your bad habits.

Pavlok is a wearable device that uses operant conditioning through haptic feedback to modify behavior. Users are “said” to be able to break bad habits by pairing the behavior with up to 150 volts of “zaptic feedback”, and can establish new routines by pairing the behavior with vibration

Maneesh Sethi @maneesh


#07 Janet Hogan, How to switch from crisis to opportunity

Michel talks with Janet Hogan about how we respond to a crisis. Why do some people step up and really show us what they’re made of and others simply collapse and don’t deal well with it at all?
The answer, of course, has nothing to do with corona; the virus, if you like, is the inner termite we all carry and whether or not we’ve dealt with and disarmed it.
Janet Hogan, aka the Shadow Buster, has earned her reputation as the ultimate transformation catalyst because of her pragmatic, provocative, process-driven approach to taking people on a deep dive into themselves.
If you want to know more about the topics we discussed in this episode you can watch this short webinar Janet recorded for you.
When you want to learn how to switch from crisis to opportunity you can have a look here 

Episode #006 - Danny Carlson (Kenji ROI) about health, mindset and the key aspects of a successful online marketing agency.

Danny Carlson shares his expertise on the importance of having a healthy lifestyle & mindset and shares the key aspects you need to build a successful online agency.

Danny is a 27-year-old entrepreneur, podcaster, & lifestyle architect. He started his first business producing extreme downhill longboarding videos in 2014 & has since grown the Amazon FBA Agency “Kenji ROI” to more than 10 team members and has worked with 1,200 Amazon businesses helping them improve their listing.

He is passionate about helping others achieve their dreams and created the Freedom Agency Blueprint which teaches his students the 7 essential projects for building a 20K a month digital agency.

Kenji ROI

#5 Alyea Sandovar talks about living in two places and creativity & playful entrepreneurship

In this episode, B.I.G member Alyea and host Michel are talking about splitting your life between two locations (Amsterdam & Bali), the struggles of integrating into a foreign community and Alyea’s upcoming virtual summit for creativepreneurs and play-oriented professionals. This free online event will be held 1st – 3rd of April 2020.

For more information about this online event check: www.playfulcreativesummit.com

Episode #002 - Dai Manuel | Optimizing your Lifestyle and Performance

Dai Manuel, your lifestyle mentor and coach, is here to help you lead healthier, more active lives


#1 Michel & Sascha Win share about the B.I.G. Tribe and their vision for the future of this community

The B.I.G Tribe Podcast with Michel Van De Logt is here!  In this episode, B.I.G Founder Sascha and host Michel fill you in on what we built here in Bali, the Vision of B.I.G, the expansion plans from Bali to Europe (after the Corona Crisis) and why people are in this community! Join us: https://bigtribe.world FB & IG: @bigtribebali