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#08 Maneesh Sethi from Pavlok | Change Your Habits, change your Life

Maneesh Sethi created Pavlok and went on Shark Tank USA a few years ago. Change Your Habits and Life with Pavlok is the slogan and boy this thing can make you remember your bad habits.

Pavlok is a wearable device that uses operant conditioning through haptic feedback to modify behavior. Users are “said” to be able to break bad habits by pairing the behavior with up to 150 volts of “zaptic feedback”, and can establish new routines by pairing the behavior with vibration

Maneesh Sethi @maneesh


#07 Janet Hogan, How to switch from crisis to opportunity

Michel talks with Janet Hogan about how we respond to a crisis. Why do some people step up and really show us what they’re made of and others simply collapse and don’t deal well with it at all?
The answer, of course, has nothing to do with corona; the virus, if you like, is the inner termite we all carry and whether or not we’ve dealt with and disarmed it.
Janet Hogan, aka the Shadow Buster, has earned her reputation as the ultimate transformation catalyst because of her pragmatic, provocative, process-driven approach to taking people on a deep dive into themselves.
If you want to know more about the topics we discussed in this episode you can watch this short webinar Janet recorded for you.
When you want to learn how to switch from crisis to opportunity you can have a look here

Episode #006 – Danny Carlson (Kenji ROI) about health, mindset and the key aspects of a successful online marketing agency.

Danny Carlson shares his expertise on the importance of having a healthy lifestyle & mindset and shares the key aspects you need to build a successful online agency.

Danny is a 27-year-old entrepreneur, podcaster, & lifestyle architect. He started his first business producing extreme downhill longboarding videos in 2014 & has since grown the Amazon FBA Agency “Kenji ROI” to more than 10 team members and has worked with 1,200 Amazon businesses helping them improve their listing.

He is passionate about helping others achieve their dreams and created the Freedom Agency Blueprint which teaches his students the 7 essential projects for building a 20K a month digital agency.

Kenji ROI

Episode #002 – Dai Manuel | Optimizing your Lifestyle and Performance

Dai Manuel, your lifestyle mentor and coach, is here to help you lead healthier, more active lives