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By signing up for B.I.G Tribe Inner Circle three months, six months or one-year subscription, you agree to our automatic renewal terms.



When your membership date is up for renewal (this date can be found in the Member Card area of the app), you will automatically be billed for the next cycle. When signing up, you’ve agreed to our Terms of automatic renewal.

If your payment fails for any reason (change of card, insufficient funds etc.), we will contact you.

Upon contacting you for a failed transaction, you will have ten days from the date we contact you (through WhatsApp) to fix your card or repurchase your plan with a new card. If you do so after ten days, you will incur a late penalty fee of $20.



If at any point you no longer wish to continue your membership, you can cancel anytime by logging into www.bigtribe.world/login with your username & password. Once logged in, go to the subscriptions tab and hit Cancel. Your membership will continue until the end of the Valid Period; after that, you will no longer be charged or have access to the community.